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    Almond Butter Cookies

    Hey guys! I decided to pop on here today and share one of my favorite cookie recipes with you guys! I have probably made these at least three times while I’ve been quarantined at home! I’ve definitely been baking more these past few weeks and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it. What about you guys? have you found yourself baking more? If so, you should share your favorite recipe down below! I’m running out of ideas! Per usual, I have to share the ingredients in one picture. As far as the chocolate bar goes, I use coconut dark chocolate but you can use whatever kind you want! Here is everything mixed…

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    Valentine’s Day Cookies

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! I can’t believe that Valentine’s Day 2019 is already here! Where in the world did January go? Although January came and went way too fast, I am ready to fully embrace February because that means we are one step closer to spring. 😉 Which makes me very happy! I don’t know if anyone else does this, but I tend to celebrate Valentine’s Day throughout the week by going on a date with Kendall, spending a little extra time with a friend or family member, taking a nice long bath and some baking! This year I decided to make heart sugar cookies and decorate them for Kendall.…

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    Healthy Breakfast Cookies

    Healthy and cookies aren’t usually in the same sentence but today I wanted to share with you how in fact a cookie can be both delicious and filled with wholesome ingredients! So, if you are interested in healthier cookies but don’t want to compromise taste, than stick around! These cookies are perfect for a quick breakfast on the go because they are filled with ingredients that will help keep your hunger at bay, at least for a couple of hours. 😉 I usually pair this with a smoothie on a busy morning and I am good to go until lunch and that’s saying something because I usually get hungry every…

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