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    No-Knead Artisan Bread

    I posted this recipe on Instagram stories a couple of days ago. I had such a great response to this recipe that I wanted to share it here as well. If you ever want to find the recipe on Instagram, I have a highlight dedicated to homemade bread so it will be there archived on there as well. I hope you enjoy! For this recipe, you will need these three ingredients and water. I’ve had a few people message me that they can’t find bread flour during this time.  Which is okay! Use what you have on hand. Regular flour and whole wheat flour will work as well! After I…

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    Toscana Soup

    I was originally planning on doing a homemade bread recipe today but I decided to move that to tomorrow and do this Toscana soup instead. Apparently, this soup is a favorite from Olive Garden! If you’ve had it at Olive Garden you should let me know how this compares to it. I did end up switching up the ingredients a bit to make this recipe dairy-free but I will make sure write in the original ingredients as well. I hope you’re all surviving this quarantine and enjoying this extra time with your family. If all else fails, cook something! A good meal makes everything better. 😉 Here are all of…

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