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    Mason’s First Birthday Party!

    My nephew Mason had his first birthday over the weekend! The poor little guy wasn’t feeling very well though. He had a stomach bug which Danielle, Kendall, Jeremy, Chris and I all ended up with Monday and Tuesday. It’s a good thing Kendall and I took off work because whatever we had was definitely contagious and not fun at all, but we are thankfully all feeling better now! Despite the fact that half of us got sick! haha. We still had a great time celebrating Mason’s first birthday. I snapped a few photos during the party and I thought it would be fun to share them! Mason’s first birthday cake!…

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    Happy 25th Birthday Kendall!

    Happy birthday Kendall! You’ve finally caught up to me in age. 😉 haha. I’m so glad you were born 25 years ago. You make life brighter, sweeter and way more fun. Thank you for bringing your upbeat attitude wherever you go, you’re the best! 🙂 I love you! I hope you feel extra loved and celebrated today!! Just for fun, here are some pictures that I took of Kendall while I was testing lighting out for a family photo shoot a couple of days ago. I just love him, goofiness and all! 🙂 For the pictures, I told him to start off with a more serious face and then end…

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    A Day At The Park With My Nephews

    A few days ago, I decided it was time to get all my nephews together and head to the park! I have three nephews. Mason is my sister’s baby and he is almost a year old! Then my other two nephews Brysun (7) and Logan (5) are my sister-in-law’s kids. Kendall and I were dating when Brysun was born, so it’s been pretty fun to watch him grow up. He almost looks too grown up though! It’s crazy how time flies. I decided to take my camera out while we were at the park because I want to have pictures to look back on from different stages of their life.…

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    Basics For Starting A Budget

    I have to start off with a disclaimer, I’m definitely not an expert in finance but these are the things that I have done and that has worked for me personally. Everyone has a different financial situation so therefore everyone’s budget is going to look different. Try and figure out what works for you and leave the rest behind. Ultimately, the way that I learned how to budget was through trial and error. Kendall and I sat down a few times when we first got married and we tried to create a budget. Well, let’s just say we didn’t stick to it! haha. We finally sat down towards the end…

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    Marriage Q+A

    Today I’m sharing a marriage Q+A with you guys! Kendall and I have known each other for a little over eight years and we have been married a little over three, so we are by no means marriage experts. But, we thought that it would be fun to give you a peek inside our marriage. Let’s get to it! What has surprised you most about marriage? Kendall- I guess it’s not entirely specific to marriage, but maybe how repetitive things are. I know I’m where God wants me, but when I look back on what I previously imagined, it just wasn’t as ritualized. I guess the parts I had never…

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    A Look Inside Our Home

    I sat down to write this today because it has been a little over one year since Kendall and I bought our first house. What’s funny is, Kendall and I had no intentions to buy a house.  In fact, when we bought our home we only had a couple hundred in savings, which many of you probably know isn’t “ideal” for purchasing a home.  But it was yet another example of how God works.  I couldn’t have made it work, but God did.  He gave us a command and Kendall and I stepped out in faith. He blessed us and I can’t wait to keep using our home as a…

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    Christmas 2018

    Christmas 2018 was a complete success! It was filled with celebrating Jesus’s birth, family, games, and so much good food!! It was definitely a Christmas to remember. We ended up celebrating Christmas with my side of the family on Christmas Eve and then with Kendall’s side on Christmas Day. Kendall and I also did our own little Christmas celebration, where we made breakfast together and opened gifts from each other. It was so fun and I’m hoping to make it an annual tradition! 😉 Below are some photos from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! For breakfast, Kendall and I made pancakes with fruit, bacon, and coffee! My favorite new mug!…

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    Date Night: Making Homemade Pizza

    It’s pizza night here at the Lindley’s and we take it pretty seriously! 😉 Pizza and Friday nights go so well together and we take every opportunity we can get to make some homemade pizza. There are a couple of reasons why I love making pizza at home: It is in incredibly simple You can get as creative as you want with toppings! I tend to like putting a ton of sauce, chicken and veggies on top and Kendall likes a lot of cheese, meat and veggies, so it’s a win-win for both of us! I took some pictures of us making our pizza so you could see how simple…

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