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A Look Inside Our Home

I sat down to write this today because it has been a little over one year since Kendall and I bought our first house. What’s funny is, Kendall and I had no intentions to buy a house.  In fact, when we bought our home we only had a couple hundred in savings, which many of you probably know isn’t “ideal” for purchasing a home.  But it was yet another example of how God works.  I couldn’t have made it work, but God did.  He gave us a command and Kendall and I stepped out in faith. He blessed us and I can’t wait to keep using our home as a resource to bless others. 🙂

Here is a throwback picture of Kendall and I a few days after we moved in! The moment we took this picture our house was still pretty much all packed up in boxes. haha. Oh, the joys of moving! 😉

Our home was built in the 1920s so it has both quirks and charm. I just love it! The front porch has to be one of my favorite parts about this house. It has a grapevine wrapping around it, which provides both shade and grapes during the summer months. We also have a little bistro table (not pictured) on the other side of the porch, where we like to sit and eat lunch when it’s nice out.

Here is our entryway! People always comment on the cute bench and I can’t take any credit for it. My mom gave it to me as a Christmas gift last year and I absolutely love it! She has some serious talent when it comes to finding and flipping furniture.

Here is our living room. My favorite room in the whole house. During the winter months, I like to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and read while the fire is going. It’s so cozy. You probably noticed that we don’t have a tv in our living room and we actually did that on purpose. We wanted this space to be a place of conversation and a place to relax, so we put the tv in the basement. 😉

I remember when I first bought the rug for this space, I thought that it might be too colorful but I actually like how it brightens up the room. Everything else in this room we brought over from our apartment and I’m glad that it all worked together in this space!

Here is our dining room. Eating dinner at home, around the table has always been important to me. Not every single night but as often as possible. I love gathering around a table, enjoying each other’s company and eating some good food. I hope to continue making it an important part of our lives, especially as we start growing our family.

Here is another view of our dining room. Having so many windows in this house is truly the best. Natural light is a photographer’s best friend! It’s not pictured here, but I finally got blinds on these windows. It took almost a year but I got it done! Better late than never, right? 😉

Here is part of our kitchen. Out of all the rooms in our house, I think this is where I spend the most time. I love getting in the kitchen and cooking, it’s so therapeutic for me. I don’t get to cook every day, but when I do, I savor every minute. 🙂 Also, don’t be fooled, these white cabinets are clean in this picture but they aren’t always that way! haha. I can be kind of a messy cook so I have to clean these cabinets ALOT to keep them looking white.

I had to throw a picture of Channa in here because she is a huge part of making our house feel like a home. She brings so much life and laughter and I just love how she poses every time I pull out my camera. It’s pretty darn cute. 🙂

Alright, that is it for today! I didn’t shoot every room in our house. I will have have to do a part 2 sometime so you can see our basement, laundry room, and bedroom. We also have a rental side, but we are renting it out right now, so I will have to get pictures of it another time.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


  • Dallas

    Your home looks absolutely beautiful! I love every aspect of it. The front porch looks like such a wonderful place to sit drink coffee and read a book on the nice days. You guys have made it your own, and have added some nice touches. That is such a wonderful idea to have the TV in the basement, it encourages conversation and reading time.

    • Jessa

      Thank you Dallas!! I appreciate that. We still have quite a few projects we want to work on but we are taking it little by little. 🙂 Also, yes! The front porch is the perfect place to have a cup of coffee or tea. You will have to join me sometime!

      Yes, we both decided it would be best if we kept the tv in the basement and we haven’t regretted our decision…yet! 😉